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Upgradeable Clone Standard

UCS class diagram

This ERC proposes an upgradeable proxy standard compatible with the factory (clone) pattern. 

It includes:

  • Dictionary Contract managing implementation contract addresses paired with function selectors.

  • Proxy Contract that delegate calls to the implementation address registered in the Dictionary.

  • Interface representing the behavior of the Proxy as a collection of implementations.

  • Storage Layout ensuring no conflicts when shared among multiple implementations.

And additionally,

  • UCS aims to enhance maintainability and reusability of Solidity source codes, building upon existing upgradeability standards like UUPS and Diamond Standard.

  • Similar to UUPS, UCS supports normal contract implementation. Additionally, it introduces UCS Operations (UCS Ops) implementation contracts, which serve as foundational elements for various smart contracts, including those in DeFi, AA, DAOs, and factories.

  • When projects adopt ERC-7546 UCS, they can utilize open-source UCS Ops to improve their protocols.

  • In our approach, factories and auxiliary contracts are not stored in the "/src" directory and are excluded from class diagrams, allowing developers to concentrate on their core business logic.

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